Rebel Og North Board Meting Report   26/01/2013




Chairperson: Christy Morrissey, Barna, Charleville, Co. Cork

Vice Chairperson: Pat Enright, Island, Newmarket, Co. Cork

Secretary: Steven Lynch, Gneeves, Boherbue, Co. Cork

Treasurer: Patsy O'Mahony, Pound Lane, Kilworth, Co. Cork

PRO: Noel O'Neill, Castleterry, Ballindangan, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

Cultural Officer: Tom Dennehy, Reallen, Kiskeam, Co. Cork

€50 per League, €30 per Championship
At year end, Clubs will be invoiced €12.50 per League game played (Referee Expenses)

Being finalised.


Transfer applications for players born 1995 & 1996 (Minor age for 2013) need to be received by Secretary, Coiste na nÓg, Jin Healy, by close of business on 28/01/2013. Transfer applications for players born 1997 and younger have until 28/02/13 to finalise applications. However any club wishing to have applications in prior to that date are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  


Scholarships to the Gaeltacht at Coláiste na Mumhan are available to students between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age, who are active members of their clubs.  The Scholarship reduces the prices of the three-week courses (Cúrsa A & B) and a new two-week course (Cúrsa C). Please be advised that these scholarships are provided on a first come first served basis.

                                   Cúrsa A    -    Three week course 2/6/2013 - 23/6/2013       
                                   Cúrsa B    -    Three week course 30/6/2013 - 21/7/2013                    
                                   Cúrsa C    -    Two week course  30/6/2013 - 15/7/2013        

Available through Adult Club. €35 per Helmet


A number of companies obliged the Board by sponsoring competitions in 2013. Any Club/individual who may have a company interested are asked to contact the Cisteoir. Competitions are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.


Coiste Oiliúna Chorcaí are holding their annual Coaching Conference at Mallow GAA Complex on Saturday, 9 February. The focus of the conference will be on games based training for youth players. It starts at 10am and concludes at 2pm.

To be completed online, via Club email. Deadline 1 February.


To be forwarded to Secretary, Coiste na nÓg, Jim Healy, immediately. List of players from each Club must accompany the application.

To be confirmed - Proposals welcome from Clubs.

To be confirmed - Proposals welcome from Clubs.

Clubs who have outstanding fees will not be allowed to participate in 2013 Competitions until remittance has been forwarded. Clubs who owe for extra medals will be allowed to include this payment with their 2013 Affiliation Fees. Please contact the Cisteoir should there be any issue.


Clubs are reminded that GUM SHIELDS are compulsory for all players from Minor to younger age groups. Players must wear a Gum Shield for all trainings and games. Please bring to the immediate attention of your Club Coaches.


Below are a list of Minor & Under 16 League fixtures. There may be alterations to these, depending on changes to Gradings. Dates have been allocated to all fixtures and Clubs are encouraged to have agreement in place with their opposition PRIOR to Board Meeting. As there are large League Groupings in the A Grade, Clubs are encouraged to play these when an opportunity arises.

A standard time will be fixed for all games. This time may be changed with the agreement of both Clubs. Where no agreement exists, the standard time will stand, unless the CCC consider otherwise. An example of this is where a Club is fixed for U21 Championship and to accommodate families, the CCC may consider playing before or after this game.

Times: Saturday 2:30pm, Sunday 1pm, Midweek 7pm

A reminder to Clubs also that  FAIR PLAY Rule applies for all League games.

Minor A:     Buttevant, Charleville, Doneraile, Fermoy, Kilworth, Mitchelstown, Newmarket, Pobal Uí Chaoímh,         Thomas Russells, Wolfe Tones
Minor B:     Blackwater Rovers, Croke Rovers, Glanworth, Kildorrery, Kiskeam, St Kevins
Minor C:    Clyda Rovers, St Peters (Championship only)
Minor D:     Cullen, Liscarroll (Championship only), Lyre

Under 16 A:     Boherbue, Buttevant, Doneraile, Fermoy, Glanworth, Pobal Uí Chaoímh, Lyre, Millstreet,             Mitchelstown, St Kevins.
Under 16 B:     Blackwater Rovers, Dromtariffe, Kilworth, St Peters
Under 16 C:     Clyda Rovers, Croke Rovers, Kildorrery, Kiskeam, Newmarket
Under 16 D:     Cullen

Under 14 A:     Boherbue, Charleville, Wolfe Tones
Under 14 B:     Buttevant, Dromtariffe, Glanworth, Kiskeam, Pobal Uí Chaoímh, Millstreet, St Kevins, St Peters
Under 14 C:     Ballyhooly, Clyda Rovers, Croke Rovers, Doneraile, Granard Gaels, Kilara Óg (Kilworth/Araglen),         Kildorrery, Killavullen, Lyre, Newmarket.
Under 14 D:     Cullen



Minor A Football League
Minor B Football League

Round 1 - 03/02/13
Kilworth         v     Mitchelstown
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Newmarket
Doneraile         v     Fermoy
Charleville         v     Buttevant
Kilshannig         v     Wolfe Tones

Round 2 - 10/02/13
Doneraile         v     Mitchelstown
Charleville         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Kilshannig         v     Kilworth
Wolfe Tones         v     Newmarket
Buttevant         v     Fermoy

Round 3 - 17/02/13
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Mitchelstown
Doneraile         v     Kilworth
Charleville         v     Newmarket
Kilshannig         v     Fermoy
Wolfe Tones         v     Buttevant

Round 4 - 02/03/13
Mitchelstown         v     Buttevant
Fermoy         v     Wolfe Tones
Newmarket         v     Kilshannig
Kilworth         v     Charleville
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Doneraile

Round 5 - 17/03/13
Mitchelstown         v     Wolfe Tones
Buttevant         v     Kilshannig
Fermoy         v     Charleville
Newmarket         v     Doneraile
Kilworth         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh

Round 6 - 04/07/13
Mitchelstown         v     Fermoy
Newmarket         v     Buttevant
Kilworth         v     Wolfe Tones
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Kilshannig
Doneraile         v     Charleville

Round 7 - 11/07/13
Charleville         v     Mitchelstown
Kilshannig         v     Doneraile
Wolfe Tones         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Buttevant         v     Kilworth
Fermoy         v     Newmarket

Round 8 - 24/08/13
Mitchelstown         v     Newmarket
Kilworth         v     Fermoy
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Buttevant
Doneraile         v     Wolfe Tones
Charleville         v     Kilshannig

Round 9 - 29/08/13
Kilshannig         v     Mitchelstown
Wolfe Tones         v     Charleville
Buttevant         v     Doneraile
Fermoy         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Newmarket         v     Kilworth

Round 1 - 03/02/13
Blackwater Rovers     v     Glanworth
Croke Rovers         v     Kiskeam
Kildorrery         v     St Kevins

Round 2 - 17/02/13
Glanworth         v     St Kevins
Kiskeam         v     Kildorrery
Blackwater Rovers     v     Croke Rovers

Round 3 - 02/03/13
Croke Rovers         v     Glanworth
Kildorrery         v     Blackwater Rovers
St Kevins         v     Kiskeam

Round 4 - 04/07/13
Glanworth         v     Kiskeam
Blackwater Rovers     v     St Kevins
Croke Rovers         v     Kildorrery

Round 5 - 11/07/13
Kildorrery         v     Glanworth
St Kevins         v     Croke Rovers
Kiskeam         v     Blackwater Rovers

Minor C & D Football Leagues will be confirmed following meeting of County Fixtures Committee.

Under 16 A Football League
Round 1 - 24/02/13
Boherbue         v    St Kevins
Buttevant         v    Mitchelstown
Doneraile         v     Millstreet
Fermoy         v     Lyre
Glanworth         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh

Round 2 - 10/03/13
St Kevins         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Lyre             v     Glanworth
Millstreet         v     Fermoy
Mitchelstown         v     Doneraile
Boherbue         v     Buttevant

Round 3 - 18/03/13
Buttevant         v     St Kevins
Doneraile         v     Boherbue
Fermoy         v     Mitchelstown
Glanworth         v     Millstreet
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Lyre

Round 4 - 24/03/13
St Kevins         v     Lyre
Millstreet         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Mitchelstown         v     Glanworth
Boherbue         v     Fermoy
Buttevant         v     Doneraile

Round 5 - 04/05/13
Doneraile         v     St Kevins
Fermoy         v     Buttevant
Glanworth         v     Boherbue
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Mitchelstown
Lyre             v     Millstreet

Round 6 - 01/07/13
St Kevins         v     Millstreet
Mitchelstown         v     Lyre
Boherbue         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Buttevant         v     Glanworth
Doneraile         v     Fermoy

Round 7 - 15/07/13
Fermoy         v     St Kevins
Glanworth         v     Doneraile
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Buttevant
Lyre             v     Boherbue
Millstreet         v     Mitchelstown

Round 8 - 26/08/13
St Kevins         v     Mitchelstown
Boherbue         v     Millstreet
Buttevant         v     Lyre
Doneraile         v     Pobal Uí Chaoímh
Fermoy         v     Glanworth

Round 9 - 02/09/13
Glanworth         v     St Kevins
Pobal Uí Chaoímh     v     Fermoy
Lyre             v     Doneraile
Millstreet         v     Buttevant
Mitchelstown         v     Boherbue

Under 16 B Football League
Round 1 - 24/02/13
Blackwater Rovers     v     Kilworth
St Peters         v     Dromtariffe

Round 2 - 10/03/13
Kilworth         v     Dromtariffe
Blackwater Rovers     v     St Peters

Round 3 - 24/03/13
St Peters         v     Kilworth
Dromtariffe         v     Blackwater Rovers

Round 4 - 01/07/13
Kilworth         v     St Peters
Blackwater Rovers     v     Dromtariffe

Round 5 - 15/07/13
Dromtariffe         v     Kilworth
St Peters         v     Blackwater Rovers

Round 6 - 26/09/13
Kilworth         v     Blackwater Rovers
Dromtariffe         v     St Peters

Under 16 C & D Football Leagues will be confirmed following meeting of County Fixtures Committee.